About Lip Balms

We started making our own lip balms for a slew of reasons. Our biggest one: putting something on ourselves that we weren't afraid of. No chemicals or hard to understand ingredients. Pure and simple. Here's what we use:

Ukrainian Sunflower Seed Oil:   Why Ukrainian? Kristina is Ukrainian. She has associated sunflowers with Ukraine for as long as she can remember and it only made sense to her to use part of her cultural identity in her recipe. Personal reasons aside, sunflower seed oil is high in vitamin E and is a natural moisturizer and antioxidant. Sunflower seed oil is also incredibly healthy when ingested so don't shy away from adding some to your diet!

Organic Beeswax: Organic yellow beeswax keeps all the "impurities" that are actually beneficial. Most cosmetics use beeswax that is stripped of all "impurities" and bleached for a clean, white aesthetic. No thanks! We like it just the way it is. It's hypo-allergenic and it locks in the moisture so it makes a perfect addition to our recipe.

Organic Coconut Oil: We feel like we almost don't have to explain this one! Coconut oil has fatty acids that create a barrier on your lips and lock in the moisture. It's also great for detangling hair and moisturizing skin so pick up a jar next time you're buying groceries!

Organic Unrefined & Raw Shea Butter: Okay. We can't fit all those lovely adjectives on our labels, but we want you to know the kind of quality we choose: The best kind! Shea butter comes from the fat of the nut from the African Shea Tree. It's smooth, moisturizing, and particularly healing. Some studies have even show that it prevents sun damage from ultraviolet rays.

Organic Stevia: You may not realize it, but nearly all lip balms and glosses have some sort of sweetener in it to appeal to your taste buds. We chose to use organic stevia because it has antibacterial properties that are great for your teeth! Go ahead. Lick your lips.

Essential Oils:  The world of essential oils is a complex one. Each oil can offer various aromatic and healing properties. Lavender, for example, is a germ-fighting essential oil that has aromatic characteristics said to help soothe headaches. Fancy that! Our most obvious reason for using essential oils? For flavoring. No artificial flavors here!

Flavor Oils: We carry two flavors, Honeydew and Violet, which use natural flavor oils instead of essential oils. We wanted to create a great variety of lip balm flavors for you so we did seek out an all natural alternative to essential oils to provide you with a lip smacking melon flavor and a unique candied floral flavor.

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We cannot [technically] advertise or guarantee that our lip balms will demonstrate the same qualities as their individual ingredients have been said to do. We do, however, want you to know what you're putting on your lips.