Portovenere Fragrance

$ 2.50
Take a sensory trip to the picturesque coast of Liguria to a tiny town called Portovenere with our newest fragrance, crafted to capture the essence of Italian summers. Indulge in the warm breeze, the sun-kissed landscapes, and the refreshing scent of sea and citrus. It's a sensory escape that will transport you to the heart of the Ligurian coastline, one Aperol spritz--I mean candle light-- at a time.

Notes of: Sugared orange, lemon and lime zest, warm sea breeze, tropical fruit, musk, greens

Tealight sample (one tealight) burns 4-6 hours depending on burn environment.
Small 20 hour candle burns up to 20 hours.
Large 90 hour candle burns up to 90 hours.
Reed Diffuser lasts on average 3 - 4 months.

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