Portovenere Soy Candle

$ 9.00

Take a sensory trip to the picturesque coast of Liguria to a tiny town called Portovenere with our newest fragrance, crafted to capture the essence of Italian summers. Indulge in the warm breeze, the sun-kissed landscapes, and the refreshing scent of sea and citrus. It's a sensory escape that will transport you to the heart of the Ligurian coastline, one Aperol spritz--I mean candle light-- at a time.

Notes of: Sugared orange, lemon and lime zest, warm sea breeze, tropical fruit, musk, greens

Ingredients: natural soy wax, natural essential and botanical oils, fine fragrance oils, and natural cotton wick.

Our candles are phthalate free.

Candle burns up to 20 or 90 hours depending on size purchased when following proper burn instructions. Burn instructions are listed on the bottom of the candle or can be read about in depth on our website by clicking here.

Read more about our candles on wilderess.com/about

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